Job Searching – Strategies and Open Discussion

  • 07 Nov 2018
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Oracle | 100 Crosby Drive | Rubber Band room | Bedford, MA 01730

Questions about a tough job-search situation? Interview woes? Salary negotiating hassles? Great interview…followed by silence? Job here now, gone tomorrow? We’ve all been there!

Karen Giventer is a career contractor and frequent presenter on the topic of Job Searching. In this presentation followed by open discussion, Karen will present some concrete job-search strategies and also facilitate group discussion about any aspect of Job Searching that the group would like to discuss. In past discussion programs, Karen has found that the “group think” mentality has brought forth a wealth of ideas about handling difficult job search issues. In this session, we will tap into the experience of the group to solve even the stickiest issues. Come with questions, leave with ideas and answers!

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About the Presenter

Karen Giventer is a career technical writing contractor who has remained successfully employed throughout economic downturns. She has presented to STC and InterChange several times on the subject of Job Searching and received excellent reviews. Karen is very enthusiastic and optimistic about Job Searching and enjoys sharing her experiences and techniques with others. She has a unique presentation style and a complete strategy for job-finding that really works! Karen can be reached at and welcomes your questions and suggestions.
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