Technical Publications Competition Registration

  • 30 Sep 2013
  • Deadline for entries for the Technical Publications Competition.


Registration is closed

Registration Process

To submit an entry into the Technical Publications competition, you must complete this registration process and payment.

The following information is required for your entry:
  • Title of Entry
  • Name of entrant(s)
  • Purpose
  • Audience
  • Location of files*
  • Notes to Judges
*Entries may be submitted as printed copies or as electronic files, depending on the format of the entry. Use the method that is best suited for your entry and use the Notes to Judges field if any explanation is necessary. (For example, if your submission is a PDF file that was designed for printing, but your company no longer prints books, explain that in the Notes to Judges.)


Payment must be completed during the registration process.  We ask that you please pay through the payment system in this registration (PayPal).

Submitting Electronic Publications

To submit an electronic file, provide a link to an online location where the file(s) for your entry can be retrieved by the competition chairs, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. You will be notified when we have retrieved your entry and verified that we can open and view the file. If you need assistance submitting your entry electronically, contact

Submitting Printed Publications

To submit a printed publication, follow the instructions that will be provided to you after you complete your registration.  You will be asked to mail 3 printed copies of your entry to the competition chair.  We will provide you the address to send the documents, you are responsible for the shipping cost.  

Multiple Entries

To submit multiple entries into the same competition, use the option to add a Guest to your registration. Complete a Guest registration for each additional entry.

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